We are passionate about making them happen

To make a product, to market an idea, to come up with any problem you want to solve that doesn’t have a constituency with a strong desire or obsession, is almost impossible. As entrepreneurs, we have a strong desire to bring the ideas to the market and as engineers we are obsessed about the problem solving. PandaBirch is the team of engineers with an entrepreneurial mindset, dedicated to bring your ideas to the market, or solve any engineering challenges that you are facing in the most efficient way.

Connect the Dots

We connect the dots by using the power of artificial intelligence, cutting edge technologies and beautiful designs to develop disruptive web and mobile products that will transform your business

Data Engineering

You have the need for storing and handling large amounts of data but don’t know how to do it. We can help you to design and implement a reliable and highly scalable production environment.

Business Insights

You have the data but you don't have an idea how to make the use of it. We can perform our complex research and develop reports, designs, dashboards that can greatly benefit your business

Data Science

You have large amounts of data and would like to do something something really cool with it. We can help you to come up with advanced machine learning models so that you can better understand your data and learn from it.

Web Development

You have an existing web app or you need help to build a new one? We can help in maintenance and new development of the existing code base or build you a brand new app by using the modern technologies as Ruby on Rails, React, Angular, Vue.JS…

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